We make fun (games)

Since 2006 Bully! has been building a kick-ass production pipeline for character and story based media — broadcast, online and mobile. We've created campaigns for PBSKids, shorts for Nickelodeon, online worlds for NASA, games for Discovery, and animated spots for GEICO — and won a bookcase full of awards to show for it. Now, with the emergence of Mobile Augmented Reality, Bully! is leveraging that production pipeline, the advances in vision-based AR and real-time 3D engines and our own proprietary systems to develop a new kind of gaming experience.

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The best part of any
action flick is the fight scene

...or the chase scene, or the big overblown monster scene. Flickables fast forwards through all the other crap and lets you dive into the action. Play Hans McClintock, action-movie super-star, as he battles what ever the special effects department can throw at him. Do your job right - kill the bad guys, avoid the crocs, shoot the aliens - and earn that gazillion dollar paycheck. Don't and its back to waiting tables.

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Ancient curses? Blood-thirsty, vengeance-seeking mummies? Whatevs.

In McClintock's first big flick, Pharoahs Fury, our hero is pitted against legions of slap-happy mummies. McClintock must use his action hero skills and the power of the Pharoah's own prized jewel to blast the undead creeps and earn his astronomically big pay check - or die trying.